Ring-swagger Api Documentation

Version: 0.22.3



(conf-js req opts)


(get-path root uri)


(swagger-ui context & {:as opts})(swagger-ui & {:as opts})

This function creates a ring handler which can be used to serve swagger-ui. If the first parameter is a String, it used as context for swagger-ui, default is to serve swagger-ui at “/”.

Other options can be given using keyword-value pairs.

  • :root the root prefix to get resources from. Default ‘swagger-ui’
  • :swagger-docs the endpoint to get swagger data from. Default ‘/swagger.json’
  • :oauth2 map with oauth2 params, namely :client-id, :realm and :app-name
  • Other options are passed as is to SwaggerUi constructor. Map keys are renamed to camelCase.


(wrap-swagger-ui handler & params)

Middleware to serve the swagger-ui.