Ring-swagger Api Documentation

Version: 0.22.3



(deep-merge strategy & values)(deep-merge values)

Recursively merges maps. If the first parameter is a keyword it tells the strategy to use when merging non-map collections. Options are - :replace, the default, the last value is used - :into, if the value in every map is a collection they are concatenated using into. Thus the type of (first) value is maintained.


(extract-parameters c)

Extract parameters from head of the list. Parameters can be:

  1. a map (if followed by any form) [{:a 1 :b 2} :body] => {:a 1 :b 2}
  2. list of keywords & values [:a 1 :b 2 :body] => {:a 1 :b 2}
  3. else => {}

Returns a tuple with parameters and body without the parameters


(plain-map? x)

checks whether input is a map, but not a record


(remove-empty-keys m)

Removes empty properties with nil value from a map


(update-in-or-remove-key m ks f)(update-in-or-remove-key m ks f iff)


(value-of x)

Extracts value of for var, symbol or returns itself